For those of you looking for a little extra strength reading when looking at your computer or gauge, Sherwood has the mask for you. Sherwood took one of its best-selling and best fitting masks, the Sherwood Oracle, and made it even better. Now with +1.75 positive Diopters located at the base of each lens, the Sherwood Oracle+ delivers that added dimension. Think of it as bifocal glasses built right into the mask. 
The unique design of Sherwood's Oracle provides divers with tremendous comfort. It's distinctive reversed teardrop shaped tempered glass lenses provides superior field of vision to other masks of its size. The Oracle is a low volume mask design that supplies an excellent panoramic view without any distortion from side windows. The Oracle's pivoting quick disconnect buckle system makes any strap adjustments simple and convenient.

Mask is equipped with an easy to reach one hand nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves. Mask has a double feathered edge silicone rubber skirt and wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combined to create a perfect seal on the face. Mask is available multiple colors in black or clear silicone. Mask comes with a protective mask box.


Sherwood Oracle+Gauge Reader



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