The TIGA Dry Snorkel from Sherwood uses the latest dry snorkel technologies to provide the diver with an easy breathing and dry experience. The dry snorkel technology allows for easy breathing at the surface. When you make your surface dive when snorkeling and are underwater, a small valve closes and keeps the water out. When you return to the surface, you can count on the fact your mouth will fill with air and not water. The corrugated flex tube and removable, replaceable mouthpiece is made from 100% high quality silicone for comfort and fit. The corrugated flex tube design lets the mouthpiece swing away from your mouth which makes it great for Scuba. 

If water does enter the breathing tube the deep reservoir below the mouthpiece with one-way purge valve will keep the mouthpiece dry for easy breathing. The TIGA Dry Snorkel from Sherwood comes with a quick-disconnect (QD) snorkel keeper for convenience. You can detach your mask quickly from the TIGA Snorkel for safe storage of your mask in the mask box. The CAI is available in multiple colors.

Sherwood Tiga Dry Snorkel



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