Nashville's only area Bluewater Spring Fed Quarry! 

These images show the reasons we love this park!  

We are lucky enough to have a really awesome SCUBA park to visit for Open Water test dives and advanced training. It is an actual SCUBA Park used by the best Dive Shops around. They have so many underwater attractions to see, from yachts, motorcycles, phone booths, firetrucks, bathtubs, vans, RV's and so much more. There are several safe and secure training platforms as well as obstacles divers may use for advanced training. Only a short drive from Nashville this natural spring fed quarry is the clearest and safest place to learn SCUBA in an Open Water setting. Well worth the short drive which is why we only use this for Open Water Dives. This is an actual SCUBA Park created just for divers to have a fun, clean and safe place to dive. We use this facility because it is the safest for our new divers to learn in.  

All of the images shown here were taken by MCS's Divemaster Lori. She loves underwater photography and it shows! This fresh water habitat is full of objects and wildlife that has proven to provide endless photo ops for everyone to capture. The quarry can have amazing visibility and offers so much fun for new divers.

You won't find a better quarry to dive...guaranteed! $25/day per person


Music City SCUBA / 615-516-6115 / 179 Belle Forest Cr #201 A Nashville TN 37221